Pierre-Henri Rougeot Bourgogne Cote d'Or Les Vaux 2017

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Burgundy Côte d'Or "Les Vaux"

Located in the village of Meursault, near the city center, this cuvée gives a frank Pinot Noir, with a supple structure and lots of fruit.

Vinification: Manual harvest in cases, sorting tables, 100% whole bunches, fermentation in vats for 15 to 18 days, 1 to 2 daily pumping over and 1 to 2 punching down during the fermentation, which takes place without any input, blending of press juice and drop juice, filling with fine lees, malolactic ermentation in barrels.


About the winemaker

In Meursault, in his native village, Pierre-Henri vinifies without input and age grapes carefully selected for their quality with winegrower friends.

The Pinot Noir, harvested in the crate, is sorted by hand and vatted without destemming. It therefore arrives in the tanks intact and whole. The wine making is carried out with the indigenous yeasts of the grapes and without sulfite for a total expression and respectful of the soil of origin. Each terroir is vinified separately to create fragmented cuvées.

Chardonnays are pressed whole when they arrive in the winery. The grape must thus obtained is kept in tanks at 10 ° C to sediment the largest particles (the muds). The clear must is then intoned with its best lees directly in barrels to ferment.

The ageing is carried out in 228 l Burgundy barrels for 12 to 18 months without racking or batonnage.

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