About us

Tasting Experience

Le Vineur has been created by Kariem Hamed, who has had extensive experience tasting wines from the old world over the last decade and a half. In weekly tasting panels various wines from great vintages are being tasted blind. This has helped building taste profiles which come in handy now!


Stories in your glass

When you drink nice wine, it’s not only the taste of the wine in the bottle that is important. Of course it is the basis, but the total experience starts in the vineyard, and each year the winemaker writes the story leading to the wine in the bottle on your table. We pass these stories on to you, so you can pass them on to your friends - the people you are drinking your wine with. This is what makes drinking our wines special.


Personal relationships

As Le Vineur, we aim to personally visit each wine grower before adding the wine to the portfolio – this mainly to fully understand the wine, the wine making process, terroir, story of the winemaker/owner etc. We try to build up close personal relationships with the wine growers in order to assure we pick up the best quality for you!