François Gaunoux Meursault 1er Cru Goutte d'Or 2019

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Golden Drops

La Goutte D’Or is positioned facing North-East of Meursault. It is located close to the rest of the 1er Cru’s of Meursault (in the middle of the slopes) obtaining the best exposure to the sun and the best type of soil (chalk, limestone and marl). Where la Goutte d’Or is located; the roots of the vines grow extremely deep in the soil allowing them to collect all the different minerals that these appellations have to offer, which in turn creates a beautifully complex and long lasting 1er Cru.

Our 2019 Meursault la Goutte D’Or’s robe is a rich golden colour (hence the name ‘Golden Droplets’). Its characteristics are a mixture of roasted nuts such as bitter almonds and a hint of vanilla. Very lengthy finish – a fabulous example of the best of Meursault.  

18 months of ageing in temperature controlled cuves, followed by filtering and bottling at the Domaine.

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