Rose and Arrow - Amity Hills: Stonecreek- 1st Expression 2017

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Amity Hills: Stonecreek- 1st Expression 2017

Facing  southeast and sitting at 600 feet in elevation, Stonecreek is a thread of densely packed basalt rocks with deep fractures and abundant “bubbles” formed in the rock on its long journey from the cataclysmic eruptions that caused the Columbia Basalt Flow. A core of mineral driven precision blanketed in fireworks of sweet red fruits with no trivial decorative flavors or aromas.

148 cases produced.


Vineyard Management

  • Dedicated vineyard team
  • Organic with biodynamic components
  • Cover crops used for both competitive and soil regeneration
  • Double and single guyot with 6ft x 3-4ft spacing
  • Hand harvest



  • Hand sorting
  • Wild yeast fermentation
  • 5-6 days cold soak (54°F)
  • Fermentation over 15-20 days
  • 1st week 1-2 gentle pump-overs
  • Vertical press up to 1 bar pressure
  • 2 weeks of settling before barrel aging
  • Normally therefore no racking-off
  • Special selection of Seguin Moreau with Med no - head toast
  • Aging regime: Approximately 20-35% New Oak, 15-25% 1 year old, 15-25% 2 year old, and 12-20% neutral



We verwachten onze allocatie van deze zeldzame wijn in december te onvangen. Vanaf dan zullen we de bestelde wijnen uitleveren. 

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