Wine tubes (to use for online winetastings)

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Ideal for online winetastings

We have been giving online winetastings since March 2020 and we quickly came up with these tubes to facilitate these tastings. Why? We absolutely only wanted to use quality products.

These tubes are laboratory quality, easy to sterilize, and perhaps most practical: they fit in a letterbox package, so you can save on shipping costs. The 50ml format is handy: this allows you to get exactly 15 samples from a 750ml wine bottle. That is why we also offer the bundles in units of 15!

Product details

Test tube length: 130 mm

Outside diameter: 26.0 mm

Inner diameter: 23 mm Inner

diameter of the opening: 16 mm

Glass wall thickness: 1.5 mm

Weight: 50 g

Contents: 50 ml

Glass quality: WBK3

Test tubes are all made of high quality clear glass and are not printed on. Screw cap GL25, made of aluminum (blank without paint) with sealing insert (not autoclavable). German quality product.

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