Rose and Arrow - Worden Hill: Red Dust - 1st Expression 2017

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Worden Hill: Red Dust - 1st Expression 2017

900 feet in elevation the Red Dust slopes southeast and is red loamy basalt shot through with lots of pebbles that contain some unusual crystalline content. The very weathered basalt was deposited by the great volcanic landslides of the Dundee Hills and is less about stones than it is about the last gasp of rock before they fully become topsoil. Soft and elegant, Red Dust has a warm embrace while at the same moment revealing its details and complexity. 

123  cases produced.



Vineyard Management

  • Dedicated vineyard team
  • Organic with biodynamic components
  • Cover crops used for both competitive and soil regeneration
  • Double and single guyot with 6ft x 3-4ft spacing
  • Hand harvest



  • Hand sorting
  • Wild yeast fermentation
  • 5-6 days cold soak (54°F)
  • Fermentation over 15-20 days
  • 1st week 1-2 gentle pump-overs
  • Vertical press up to 1 bar pressure
  • 2 weeks of settling before barrel aging
  • Normally therefore no racking-off
  • Special selection of Seguin Moreau with Med no - head toast
  • Aging regime: Approximately 20-35% New Oak, 15-25% 1 year old, 15-25% 2 year old, and 12-20% neutral



We expect to receive our allocation of these highly allocated wines in December, after which we will dispatch the wines to you. 

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