Perrault-Jadaud Vouvray sec La Grande Grive 2018

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Vouvray Sec - 100% Organic Chenin Blanc

This special wine is made from 100% chenin, from vineyards aged 60 to 80, conducted in organic farming. It is a blend of 3 plots on clay-limestone terroirs of the first coast (Premières Cotes). The low yields of 25 hL /Ha give the wine its intense flavours. 

Manual harvest. Long alcoholic fermentation of 6 months by the indigenous yeasts, matured in barrels aged 1 to 3 years, at the natural temperature of cellars which are carved into the tufa rock (limestone).
The wine is then racked and then remains in barrels on its fine lees all summer before being 
bottled in September.

Technical details

Alcohol % vol: 14.5%
Sugars: 1.4 g / L
Av: 0.33 g / L H2So4
PH: 3.18
SO2 T: 60 mg / L


Tasting notes

Nice aromas of pears and yellow fruits and candied zest, a woody note, carried in the mouth by a pleasant freshness. cold cuts, fish in sauce, white meats, cheeses sweet and cooked pasta.
Serve at around 14 ° C


About the winemaker

Domaine Perrault-Jadaud was founded in 2008 by Anne-Cécile Jadaud and Tanguy Perrault. Tanguy, who hails from Brittany, is a trained viticulturist, while Anne-Cécile, whose parents live in Tours is an oenologist. Both have taught at the Lycée Agricole d’Amboise.

Together, they happily run four hectares of organically-farmed vineyards in the village of Chancay, in the northeastern portion of Vouvray. The harvest is manual, by successive pickings if the vintage so requires. Fermentations are allowed to happen naturally with native yeast in barrel, and progress over a long period of time in a cold cellar.

They farm organically and their wines are impressively pure from low yields.  They use a range of barrels – classic barriques (225 litres) for their PetNat and mainly 300 litre barrels for their still wines, which are preferably to 400-litre ones which are heavy to manoeuvre. Although they try to use as little sulphur as possible, they feel that their wines need a little bit of protection so they are not part of the non-SO2 brigade. 

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