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Join us for a series of online wine tastings with every week a different theme that deepdives into a singular element to get a thorough understanding of a grape, vintage, region, terroir or winemaker. We will select 6 wines per theme, for instance Bourgogne Rouge, Whites with age, Hot vs Cold vintages, Aligoté, Bordeaux Left Bank appellations, etc. etc.


You will get 6 samples each time and we will taste them together (semi)blind while discussing the (a)typicalities of these wines.


Do you want to taste the wines but you can't join the session? No problem, you will receive the recording of the tasting and you can taste the samples while watching it back at a convenient time! Just let us know in the comments field with your order!


30 May, 4.00PM: Deepdive Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru. How diverse is the terroir of the various vineyards of Chassagne Montrachet? We'll taste 6 different Premier Crus from different vineyards, all from the same vintage and made by one winemaker: Bruno Colin. We'll analyze the wines while discussing the soil compositions of the vineyards. 

12 June, 8PM: Wines, Naturally. (Part 1). We'll dive into the world of natural wines (is there such a thing?). Set aside all your prejudices and be prepared to taste some wonderful wines that are made, well, naturally. How to define them? How to distinguish faults from intended flavour components? How 'pure' can natural wines be? In this first part we'll explore white wines from various regions and producers, with different philosophies and styles. 

20 June, 4PM: Wines, Naturally (Part 2). This time we'll deepdive into red wines; again a cross section of regions, grapes, vinification styles and various ages. 

4 July, 4PM: Everybody loves Amoureuses! Chambolle Musigny's Premier Cru vineyard Les Amoureuses has captured winelovers hearts for ages. Next to Le Musigny, these wines are among the most refined in Burgundy. In this vertical tasting we'll taste 6 vintages of Amiot-Servelle's Les Amoureuses (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009) side by side. 


tbd: One vineyard dissected: different producers who own plots in the same vineyard. How much in the wine can be attributed to the vineyard and how much to the winemaker? This is the best opportunity to find out! We're tasting 3 whites and 3 reds from Bourgogne. For the whites we've selected 3 Meursault 1er Cru Goutte d'Or from 2018 from winemakers François Gaunoux, Comte Lafon and Fabien Coche. For the reds we've selected 3 Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Les Goulots from 2015 made by Hervé Kerlann, Jean-Marie Fourrier and Michel Magnien.

tbd: Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley

tbd: Sweet wines of outstanding quality


Please note: Every week more tastings will be added to the schedule so watch this page regularly!


The wine samples will be posted a few days before each tasting. (postage costs cannot be combined for that reason). The price includes shipping within the Netherlands.


past tastings:

27 February, 5.30PM: The Battle of Bourgogne Rouge. Discover differences in style and terroir. Is a 100 Euro tout court wine really so much better than a 18 Euro one? We will taste 6 of them! In this line up we have wines of Chateau Laborde, Bruno Colin, Domaine Truchetet, Dujac, Arnaud Ente and Gerard Raphet. (sold out)

6 March, 5.30PM: The Battle of Bourgogne Blanc. This week we dive into the world of Bourgogne Blanc or Chardonnay. Wines from Morgan Truchetet, Bruno Colin, Pierre Boisson, Fabien Coche, Jerome Galeyrand and Alexis Pollier will be tasted blind to dermine which style is preferred by most. (Sold out)

Wait list available: register now, when we have sufficient interest we'll add another group to the tasting.

13 March, 5.30PM: Bordeaux Left Bank 1990. Perhaps one of the great vintages in Bordeaux, these wines have always been open for business. In this unique tasting we will taste 1 wine per appellation (St Estephe, St Julien, Pauillac, Margaux, Haut Medoc and Pessac-Leognan). This allows us to taste differences in style and terroir while these wines are at their absolute drinking peak. (sold out)

20 March, 5.30PM: Northern Rhone villages. Taste the Syrah wines from the villages of Cote-Rotie, Saint Joseph, Hermitage, Crozes Hermitage and Cornas. On the table we have some of the finest wine producers from the region. Price is €49.95 + €8.95 shipping. (Extra group now open for registrations!)

27 March, 5.30PM: Aligoté - the other white Bourgogne. What is the fuzz all about? Aligoté is the most talked about grape these days. We've selected 6 Aligoté wines from different winemakers, from different areas in Bourgogne, some with oak ageing and some not. How big will the differences be and can we identify the winemakers?

10 April, 5.30PM: The influence of Oak. We'll be tasting similar wines with different oak treatment. Heavy on new oak, low oak or no oak at all. Let's see what the differences are, and more importantly - our preferences!

17 April, 5.30PM: Unicorn White wines (very rare bottles of old world whites). Wait list only. For this tasting there won't be any shipping of samples - only pick up on 17 April. 

24 April, 5.30PM: Warm vs cool vintages. What is the influence of temperature on the quality of wine? We will find out by tasting wines in 3 flights of 2, with a warm and cool vintage of each of the wines. Are there big differences or are there more similarities? Are there still 'green' vintages? Or are we talking about ripe and overripe these days? Join us to find out!

1 May, 5.30PM: Vertical Morgon Cote du Py from legend Pierre Savoye, with 6 vintages going back till 2001. Gamay can't age well? Think again.

15 May, 5.30PM: Vertical Chateau La Croix Pomerol. 6 vintages going back to the 70s. Including the legendary 1990 vintage. Curious why Pomerol has the reputation that it can age tremendously well? Curious how mature Pomerol tastes? Then this is your chance to experience it.

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