Mongeard Mugneret Cuvée M 2017 - 100% Malbec

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Vin de France

A Malbec from Vosne Romanée, the epicentre of great Burgundies? Why not? Vincent Mongeard has been a fan of the grape variety since he was young and now the opportunity presented itself to plant a small parcel with Malbec. To enjoy by himself and friends & family, but also to learn about cultivating this variety in this northern wine region. 
Presented in a robust and opulent looking bottle, modelled on the grape variety itself, the Malbec is very fruity, rich of tannins, with a deep colour nearly black able to be matured for decades.

In his youth, it’s just a matter of power with Orientals spice’s aromas, cedar wood, tobacco, liquorice and cocoa not forgetting his predominant aromas of violet, blueberries and jasmine.

In France, unlike many southern countries, it keeps a fresh mouthfeel even more fruity. Colourful and full-bodied, it remains a masculine style wine with powerful and straight attack.


Whole bunch fermentation

The vines are 7 years old (in 2017) and start to give their aromas, power and elegance known from Vosne. Vincent meticulously sorts the bunches when they arrive in the winery after harvest, and then ferments them with whole bunches. The wines are then aged in two year old, 600 liters demi-muid oak barrels.



Appreciate the wine with roasted and grilled meats, it will suit spicy cuisines. A legend for your next barbecues summer! It will go perfectly with a Burgundy fondue and your pots au feu. For the most gourmets, let yourself be tempted by a recipe from the South-West with a spicy duck Parmentier with truffles.


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