3 Maris Piper Hedonist's Heaven winebox

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Limited Edition of 12 boxes

Limited edition box with 3 very exclusive wines from Le Vineur that are on restaurant Maris Piper's winelist, now available to order for home. With your purchase you support the restaurants in these difficult times: 25% of the amount is for Maris Piper which helps them to sustain during this crisis!

Limited edition of only 12 sets, so get yours quick!

No Concessions

'Here at Maris Piper we make no concessions; you are welcome for a chicken and a bottle of housewine. But also for an evening of abundance and luxury. On our winelist you can see that in the number of exclusive bottles that are included.

Each individual wine in this Hedonist’s Heaven box is a pearl on our winelist. A wine you wish you’d drunk before and will remember forever.’

See for the descriptions of the wines the tasting notes from Elkse Mostert, Director of Wines from Breda Horecagroep, on the Dutch language page (use the language toggle to get there)

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