Le Vineur 2020 Wine Advent Calendar

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2020 Wine Advent Calendar 


To mark the last month of this crazy year, Le Vineur introduces a limited edition Wine Advent Calendar. It contains 24 bottles of wine: sparkling, white, red and sweet. Every day you open a box on the calendar which contains a special instruction. Follow the instruction correctly and you have earned the wine for that day!

Special deal

The calendar including 24 bottles of wine and wine gadgets has a retail value of over 400 Euros. You get a special deal for €319,95 including free delivery (in the Netherlands)!


Wine selection

The ideal mix of wines for the novice enthusiast and seasoned drinker; people who want to taste crazy things for their WSET or SDEN training and people who are just completely done with 2020 and especially want to feel comfortable in the dark days before Christmas. Buy the set for yourself or for someone you think needs it more!

1 Perrault-Jadaud Methode Ancestrale Vouvray 'Haut les Choeurs'  Chenin Blanc 750ml 2017         18.95 Sparkling
2 Apollonis (Michel Loriot) Authentic Meunier Meunier 375ml n.v.         17.75 Sparkling
3 Le Clos des Pins Graves Blanc Semillon/Sauvignon/Muscadelle 750ml 2019         11.95 wit
4 Domaine de Montesquiou Jurançon Sec L’Estela Petit Manseng/ Gros Manseng/ Courbu 375ml 2019           6.95 wit
5 Alexis Pollier Saint Veran Chardonnay 750ml 2018         17.95 wit
6 Domaine Ferraton Cotes du Rhone Villages blanc Laudun Grenache/Clairette/Bourboulenc 750ml 2018         12.95 wit
7 Domaine Truchetet  Bourgogne Pinot Blanc Pinot Blanc 750ml 2018         23.95 wit
8 Julien Brocard  Chablis La Boissonneuse Chardonnay 750ml 2018         23.95 wit
9 Domaine Bart Marsannay Les Favieres blanc Chardonnay-Musque 750ml 2017         27.95 wit
10 Hervé Kerlann Bourgogne Aligoté vieilles vignes Aligoté 750ml 2017         12.95 wit
11 Nicolas Chemarin Ptit Grobis Chardonnay  750ml 2016         15.95 wit
12 Chateau La Gasparde Cotes du Castillon Merlot/Cabernet Franc/ Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml 2007         12.95 Rood
13 Perrault-Jadaud Vin de France 'Bestiaire' Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay 750ml 2017         15.95 wit
14 Domaine Truchetet  Bourgogne Vieilles Vignes 'Les Chaillots'  Pinot Noir 750ml 2018         22.95 Rood
15 Hervé Kerlann Gevrey Chambertin vieilles vignes Pinot Noir 375ml 2017         25.95 Rood
16 Domaine de Montesquiou L'Enclos rouge Tannat/Cabernet Franc/Manseng Noir 750ml 2019         13.95 Rood
17 Domaine Ferraton Côtes du Rhone Samorëns rouge Grenache/Syrah/Cinsault 375ml 2017           6.95 Rood
18 Anne-Cécile Jadaud Vin de France 'Les Joueurs de Nez' Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Cot 750ml 2018         15.95 Rood
19 Le Clos des Pins Graves Rouge Cabernet/Merlot 750ml 2018         12.95 Rood
20 Mongeard Mugneret Cuvée M Malbec 750ml 2017         16.95 Rood
21 Domaine de Thalie Plutonic Pinot Noir/Syrah 750ml 2016         19.95 Rood
22 Nicolas Chemarin Morgon Corcelettes Gamay 750ml 2014         22.95 Rood
23 l'Ilot de Haut Bergeron Sauternes Semillon/Sauvignon 375ml 2016         12.95 Zoet
24 Domaine de Montesquiou Jurançon Amistat Gros Manseng/Petit Manseng 375ml 2017           7.95 Zoet
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