Julien Brocard Chablis La Boissonneuse 2018

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The story

The Julien Brocard Domaine, the “7 Lieux” - Seven vineyards chosen for their quality,
strength, sun exposure and terroir - brings together seven wines exclusively from the Brocard
Domaine plots. La Boissonneuse is one of them, it has exceptional finesse and minerality of
the Kimméridgien terroir. It is layered with clay and limestone, full of fossils. An aromatic
intensity and complexity; Its character and persistence make it worthy of a Premier Cru!!

Julien makes his wines in very large oak vats. These allow slow oxygenation, and preserve the
unique flavour of each plot of vines. He has chosen this method for its capacity to reveal the
personality of each of our Seven Places. There are 22 such vats, ranging from 15 to 100
hectolitres, giving the flexibility needed for plot by plot vinification.

All the bottles are sealed with wax, stamped by hand, wrapped in tissue paper, and placed in a
box designed especially for this range that holds seven bottles.

The grapes

This wine is made of 100% Chardonnay

Tasting notes

Notes of honey, candied orange and green pepper
on the nose. Lemony notes on the palate, with the
same green pepper and candied orange. An
intense wine, with a lingering, mentholated


Classic combinations include Oysters and other
shellfish, but also grilled white meats, coquilles St
Jacques or grilled gambas.

About the wine maker

In 1997 with La Boissonneuse vineyard Julien Brocard discovered a simple, fragile world, and
an awareness of plants in their environment. In 2002 he obtained the certification in
biodynamic agriculture for the first vineyard ‘Chablis la Boissonneuse’. The flavours and
aromas of the wines were reassuring and respected the promise of the plant’s balance, between
the soil and the fruit. These observations encouraged him to continue this philosophy in other
vineyards. From this intimate expression of the terroir to the creation of the bottles, all the
work is carried out with respect for the product.

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