Henri Gouges Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru Clos des Porrets St Georges 2007

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Domaine Henri Gouges


The creation of Domaine Henri Gouges was the culmination of four hundred years of family grape farmers. Henri formed the Domaine in 1920, but was soon discouraged with the idea of selling the fruit to négociants. He envisioned a better quality wine from his new Domaine, and by 1933 was producing, bottling and selling directly. It has remained an undivided family property as the transition continued from Henri to his sons Marcel and Michel, to the next generation of Pierre and Christian who have recently turned it over to Gregory and Antoine Gouges.


Located in the heart of the "Cote d'Or" in the village of Nuits Saint Georges, they have grown to thirty-six acres of vineyards and a modern gravity flow winemaking facility where they produce Bourgogne, Village and Premier Cru wines.


Respect for land, environment and traditions


Henri's philosophy from the old maxim, "It is on the vines that great wines are made" has endured through each subsequent generation. Respecting the land, the environment, and the traditions of the region have been at the heart of their winemaking. Great care to nurture the soil and vines has led to the highest quality fruit while controlling yields for optimum results.


Nuits Saint Georges Premier Cru Clos des Porrets Saint-Georges

This is a monopole of the domaine of about 9 acres. It is located just below the Perrières and is a former quarry of Nuits Saint Georges which was exploited by the monks of Citeaux. Sitting on the stony pink limestone Premeaux, the Clos des Porrets is composed of calcareous scree and soil rich in clay. The wines from here express an elegant finesse after only a few years in the bottle. The Porrets are cited by Dr Lavalle in 1855 when he documented Burgundy wines. In his book he considers this one of the best vineyards in the village.

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