Clos des Litanies Pomerol 2016

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A wine with noble history

April 19, 1514 Jean de Valon, abbot commander of the Order of Malta, appointed to the cure of Saint John of Pomeyrol, brother Mathieu Bossuet native of the parish "recommendable by the zeal of his religion, the honesty of his life and morals and other honorable gifts of virtue ". This holy man often went to a beautiful closed vineyard at the head of Jougla, to read in peace and serenity his breviary and to recite "The Litanies" of the Blessed Virgin, Saints in general and St. Vincent boss of the vine growers in particular. It was the winemakers themselves who named this place Le Clos des Litanies in memory of their pious parish priest. 


Big but rare wine

The vineyard, planted with 100% Merlot, is situated on sandy and ferruginous soils. Only 4800 bottles are produced annually. It has a delicate, elegant and complex nose. Blackberry fruit, chocolate, leather and plum on the palate. A beautiful bottle that combines all that we can expect from a good Pomerol; finesse, complexity and refined structure. This wine is at the level of some of the most famous wines in the Pomerol. Only the relative obscurity of the wine has prevented the price to skyrocket unlike the famous wines!

Rated #1 Merlot wine in De Grote Hamersma 2018

On page 16 in De Grote Hamersma 2016, Clos des Litanies 2015 has been rated as the best Merlot reviewed for the book with a score of 9 out of 10 points. We're immensely proud of this accomplishment! He recently tasted the 2016 and gave it a score of 9 as well.

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