Chateau Queyron Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2016

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De Janoueix family

The family company Joseph Janoueix has gone from being a very traditional wine house to producing not only Saint-Émilions, but also the most exciting wines of the Pomerols and Bordeaux Supérieur under the family name. La Confession, Château Mouton and Château la Croix Saint Georges are all castles that neighbors enviously look over the fence at because they are constantly mentioned and admired. The success is mainly due to the younger generation - the brothers Jean-Philippe and Jean-Pierre's visionary ambitions and hard work. Whether the talk is about a daily wine or a top wine in Janoueix 'range, you know exactly what you want with which castles! Of course, the most interesting is also always the most expensive, and in this case the wines Château La Croix, La Confession, Château la Croix Saint Georges, Château de Chambrun and Château Mouton. From the vines blooming in the field until the final wine is poured on the casks in the cellars, both vines, grapes and must are treated like first-born infants - all contact and care is done by hand, and attention is paid to the smallest details. Try Janoueix's wonderful wines for yourself. The buzz of history and the area's classic wine character persist - but at the same time there is no doubt that the Janoueix family's style will help to draw the Bordeaux of the future and push for development, so that the area will return to the grandeur of past times.


Tasting notes

The balance between Merlot and Cabernet Franc ensures a wine experience in beautiful balance, where finesse, strength and intensity harmonize and give a long, pleasant aftertaste.

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