Chateau de Laborde Bourgogne Aligoté Vieilles Vignes 2018

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The story

Vieilles Vignes, or old vines, reveal the power and complexity of Aligoté. This grape could be called the ‘forgotten grape’ of Burgundy, as the grape was out of fashion for a long time with consumers and winemakers alike. However this has changed over the past decade and more and more producers now have a quality cuvee from Aligoté in their range.

The vines for this wine are over 60 years old, and are located in Corcelles-les-Arts next to the village of Puligny-Montrachet.The soil there is clayey and silty, giving the wine a specific minderal texture and freshness. The annual production is around 5000 bottles.


About the wine maker

Although Bourgogne is known for the greatest wines in the world, unfortunately lots of poor wines under 20 Euros are being sold. It’s not easy to find a producer that makes a ‘regular’ Burgundy wine, but we did it: Chateau de Laborde from Hervé Kerlann. Hervé Kerlann, originally from a Bordeaux family, moved to Bourgogne to learn about wine business. He became big in the trade, mainly exporting the great wines of top producers to Asia. Once established, he started buying and leasing vineyards to produce his own wines.


Because of his contacts with the great wine makers, he managed to get a few tips from everybody he worked with. He put those tips to work in producing his own wine to make the perfect Bourgogne.

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