Alexandre Grimée Champagne Sous Les Trous Brut Nature

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Half hectare plot, manual labor

This Champagne is vinified from Pinot Meunier from a single harvest from a single plot, ‘Sous Les Trous’ in Bonneil. This south-facing plot, where the vines grow on clay-limestone soil, was planted by his grandfather in 1973. between grasses and plowing,

For the vinification, only the vintage is preserved and it is only vinified in stainless steel vats. Depending on the year, the malolactic fermentation is done or not. For the 2014 vintage, which is the basis for this champagne, the malolactic fermentation was done. He therefore develops this unique vintage, trying to capture the ‘image of the year’, seeking to keep the freshness of Pinot Meunier.

Young talentto watch

Winemaker on one hectare, in the West Marne Valley in Azy sur Marne, Alexandre vinifies only this micro cuvee of 1697 bottles which are individually numberd by engraving.

Alexandre, 25 years old, vinified his first champagne in 2014 and has released it this year. He works organically and he grows the vines only by himself, like his little garden. Respecting the biodiversity present. The critics on this first vintage are very positive, so we are happy to be his importer for the Netherlands. Certainly a winemaker to watch!

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