Albert Grivault Meursault Premier Cru Clos des Perrières 2014

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Famous Clos des Perrières

Albert Grivault, in the 19th century a established regional distiller, bought his vineyards in 1879 right after phylloxera ravaged the vines in France. Among these vineyards was the famous Clos des Perrières. Purchasing this proved a brilliant business decision. Albert’s grandson, Michel Bardet, has been working on the domaine for decades. He is well in his 80s and co-owns the domaine with his sister of 90.

The Best Vineyard in the Meursault

There are no Grand Cru Vineyards in Meursault, but the Clos des Perrières and Les Perrières are rated Premier Cru and generally acknowledged as the best vineyards in Meursault. The French wine magazine, Bourgogne Aujord’hui, recently conducted a survey of several top French wine reviewers in order to determine what was felt to be the best of the white Premier Crus. The winner was the Clos des Perrières. Under the right conditions, the wine can age extremely well and in the private cellars we have seen bottles dating back to late 19th century!

Life is Good

This Clos des Perrières is from 2014. The wine is very rich in minerality with nice white fruits; well structured with elegant acidity. The finish is extremely long and while the taste lingers on, you can’t help but conclude that life indeed is good.

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